Everything for him—nothing at all for her

Those who ask - front

Front text:

Those who ask shant have, Those who dont ask dont want



Printed and Published by the Artists’ Suffrage League,

259, King’s Road, Chelsea.

This postcard features a mother feeding cookies to her son– each bearing the word ‘Vote’. The mother is Britannia, as indicated by the trident and shield but in this case she is wearing an apron over her usual robes. The scene is watched by seven girls who are told ‘Those who ask shan’t have, those who don’t ask don’t want’. The girls display a range of emotions, some seem confused, others quiet and two seem to be arguing or trying to reason with the mother. Across the bottom of the card it states ‘Everything for him – a nothing at all for her’.

According to Schlossberg (2003), this postcard deals, in the form of Britannia, with the topic of female anti-suffragists. It also continues the theme of a postcard, Franchise Cake, featured in an earlier blog of the fight for votes being equated to a fight for food.

The postcard is signed but I have been unable to decipher the name nor to find a reference to the artist who created it. It is published by the Artist’s Suffrage League.


Those who ask - back


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