The Opportunist


This postcard has the image of a woman in cap and gown riding on a sledge pulled by a politician riding a donkey. The woman is holding the donkey’s tail in one hand and a scroll with Women’s Franchise Bill written on it in the other. Around the donkey’s neck is a sash that says ‘ANTI SS’. This is likely to stand for ‘Anti Suffrage Society’ (ASS). The title is ‘The Opportunist’ and it is signed with the letters: EBW. There are no printer/publisher names.

The postcard is unused but writing on the reverse of the card says ‘W Asquith. A suffragist done by Miss Willis – Suffrage Atelier’.


An online copy of The Common Cause, dated 25 November 1909 mentions this card under the heading Suffrage Publications:

The Suffrage Atelier. – Every week new postcards from the Suffrage Atelier, and some of the newest would be a refreshing change from the hackneyed Christmas card. Among them may be mentioned “The Opportunist,” “Might is Right,” and two amusing cards representing Mr. Asquith variously as Canute and a child pulling the petals of a daisy – “This year, next year. Sometime – !”

A write up, although no scan of the card is available at The Museum of London and they identify the artist as EB Willis. Harvard University Library also has a copy of The Opportunist along with the other three mentioned in the Common Cause – Might is Right, King Asquith Canute and In the dim and speculative future.


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