Twentieth Century Robbery

20th century robbery - front

Front text:

Twentieth Century Robbery! “Pay up and shut up”

The postcard shows a woman seated in a xxx being held up by two highway robbers. One of the robbers holds a pistol in one hand and his mask in the other. The other robber, on horseback, takes a bag of money from the woman. The bag is marked ‘Tax’. It relates to the ‘no taxation without representation’ campaign which emphasised the injustice of women having to pay taxes without having a say in how their taxes were used.

The artist’s name is Gladys Letcher and the card has no other publisher or printing information although a number of reliable sources credit it to the Suffrage Atelier, for example the Museum of London has a colour poster version. They name the two robbers as Liberals Asquith and Lloyd George and the date of the poster as 1912, published by the Suffrage Atelier. The postcard is also featured on page 159 of Tickner’s The Spectacle of Women.

Twentieth-c-robbery-reverse (3)


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