London Life: arrest of a militant suffragette

London life - front

Front text:

10513-71   London Life.   Arrest of a militant suffragette.   Rotary Photo E.C.

Hustle them in, and bustle them in,

Scoop up th’ shriekin’ mob

Who says that “Justice” is going to win

When “the Law” takes up the job?”.

This postcard features the arrest of a suffragette, later identified as Mary Phillips. She has a policeman at each arm and the group are escorted by around six mounted police and others on foot. A male crowd watches as the group pass. Behind them is a bus heading to Kings Cross.

A  biography of Mary Phillips is available in Crawford’s The Women’s Suffrage Movement and online at Spartacus Education and a photograph of her at Bath in time. Copies of the postcard can be seen at the Museum of London and Diomedia.

London life - back



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