A Lancashire Lass

Lancashire lass - front

Front text:

A Lancashire lass  in clogs and shawl being “escorted” through Palace Yard.


Take me back to Palace Yard, Palace Yard, Palace Yard,

That’s where I long to be, with the friends so dear to me;

The tall policeman, smiling, bland, to gently take me by the hand,

For Women’s Rights” anything we will dare; Palace Yard, take me there!

Parody on “Take me back to London Town”.

The suffragette in this postcard has been identified as Dora Thewlis, aged 16 at the time of the postcard, otherwise known as ‘Baby Suffragette’. She was actually from Yorkshire not Lancashire. This postcard is used as a cover of Jill Liddington’s book ‘Rebel Girls: How votes for women changed Edwardian lives’ and she has information about Thewlis. Several newspapers marked the release of her book with articles about Thewlis: The Independent (8th May 2006) carries an article entitled ‘Dora Thewlis: The lost suffragette’ and the Daily Mirror (10th June 2006) has an article entitled ‘The baby suffragette’.

McQuiston (Suffragettes to She Devils, page 26) has a copy of the postcard and writes that it was probably taken at a demonstration outside the House of Commons in 1907. The protest was at the failure of a bill introduced by W.H. Dickinson in March. She notes that it is unusual as it features a working woman. McDonald (Vindication! A postcard history of the women’s movement, page 37) feels that the card ‘marks a significant change in postcards of the movement by showing the involvement of working women and the authority of the police’. McDonald adds that it was also an early example of ‘news’ being made into a postcard.

Lancashire lass - rear

Verso message:

Dear ____ / Just a line to / hope you all well. / I hope you will enjoy / your holadays [sic.] / please write back / xxxx from Tom

  1. Gainard / 12 Baytons Bldgs / Ashton Gate

SENT TO: Miss L. Knight / 12 Carrington Road / Ashton Gate / Bedmister / Local

POSTMARKED: [Unclear] AUG 3 [190]7


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