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Website articles and postcard archives

War on women, waged in postcards: memes from the suffragist era by Lisa Hix in Collectors Weekly, 1 Nov 2012.

These anti-suffragette postcards show fighting for change has never been easy by Julie Zelinger in The Huffington Post, posted 8 July 2013, updated 8 September 2013.

Palczewski, Catherine H. Postcard Archive. University of Northern Iowa. Cedar Falls, IA.

The BBC archive has a section of audio recordings with suffragettes recalling their experiences and struggles.

Two online articles about the role of postcards in the fight for suffrage. The first concerns the USA and is entitled ‘How suffragist postcards got out the vote’; the second is about the UK and is entitled ’Shoulder to shoulder: UK suffrage postcards’. They appeared in Ms Magazine, a feminist American publication, March 2010.

A lovely website written about a suffragette from Leicester, Alice Hawkins, by her grand-daughters. It includes a small collection of postcards

A great set of 17 photos at the Guardian commemorating the 90th anniversary of women winning the right to vote in the UK. See also the related story, Venus from Mars, by Anne Perkins.

Museum of London, Exploring 20th Century London—has lots of images of postcards and banners etc from the Suffrage movement.

Many copies of suffrage postcards – both pro- and anti- can be found on Pinterest, for example For The Love Of Postcards, Aurora, Rose Arkle, Oksana Meister, Jan Muth and Marc Mentre.


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Palczewski, Catherine H.(2005) The male madonna and the feminine Uncle Sam: visual argument, icons and ideographs in 1909 anti-woman suffrage postcards. Quarterly Journal of Speech, Vol 92, part 4, pp. 365-94.


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